Come, explore the history of Edgemont and the Southern Black Hills from the Stone Age to the Atomic Age and beyond.

The "Rock Room" has fossils and prehistoric tools on display along with a variety of other geologic finds.

But that's not all. The Trails, Trains & Pioneers Museum native american artifactsalso has other artifacts from earliest days of man's presence in the Southern Black Hills.

We have items that reflect both the "Boom" and "Bust" years of our area, from when rail was king to when uranium glowed. When Kustom Kraft produced everything from rolling pins to candlesticks and our own pharmacist had his private label disinfectant.

edgemont drive in movie sign

Edgemont museum pioneer display

From Native Americans and Teddy Roosevelt's visit to Drive-In Movies, we have a rich and varied past. Come explore it with us.

Edgemont Museum childrens itemsEdgemont railroad cream cart